Solar4America 7.6KW Inverter with Solar4America BAT58 Energy Storage System, All-in-One Kit for Home

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Solar4America Battery Storage is the Perfect Way to Add Security to Powering Your Home

You can use your solar system to charge the battery and lower your need to buy from the electric company in the evening. Managing your system is simple with a single smartphone app that shows your system’s generation, storage, and usage.

Our plug-and-play products can be integrated easily with your existing solar power system and are guaranteed to last with a 6,000-cycle lifespan. Our BAT58 solution is even scalable up to 17.4kWh!

S4A-AC (S4A-A76) Inverter GRID-OUTPUT

Nominal AC output power 7600 VA
Max. AC output power 8360 VA
Nominal AC output voltage 120 / 240 slipt phase (211-264)
Max.AC output current 35 A
Operating AC frequency range 59.3 -60.5 Hz
Output power factor rating Default>0.99 (adjustable +/- 0.8)
Total harmonic distortion % <3
Max. AC output fault current 765A peak/5ms, 46A rms/cycle


S4A-AC (S4A-A76) Inverter GRID INPUT

Max. AC input power VA 8360
Nominal AC input voltage Vac 120/240 split phase
Nominal AC input frequency Hz 60
MaxAC input current A 35


S4A-AC (S4A-A76) Inverter EFFICIENCY

Max Battery-AC % 96.46
CEC efficiency (PV-AC) % 95.50
Dimensions 36x22x109 in (913x560x276 cm)
Weight 130lbs (59kg)
Enclosure rating Type 4 X
Operation temperature range -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C), no derating below 113°F (45°C)
Storage temperature range -22°F to 167°F (-30°C to 75°C)
Communication interface LAN/WIFI (optional) / 4G (optional)


S4A-BAT58 Battery

Nominal Voltage V 115.2
Operating Voltage V 100-131
Battery Type Li-ion (LFP)
Nominal Capacity [kWh] 5.8
Usable Capacity [kWh] 5.2
Battery Roundtrip Efficiency % 95
Standard Power kW 2.9
Max Power kW 4.0
Recommend Charge/Discharge Crt 25A
Max Charge/Discharge Current 35A
Cycle Life (90% DOD) >6000 Cycle
Available Operating Temp. Rng 0 to 55
Protection IP55
System to Inverter CAN2.0
Battery to Battery / BMS RS485

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