How to Get Started

Solar Simplified

As one of the only solar companies in the nation with an extensive roofing background, we know everything there is to know about solar installation. No need to talk to one company about the panels, energy storages, other high quality equipment, and another about the installation. We’ve got you covered from development to installation. 


The Solar4America Difference

Our years of experience mean that we built solar solutions with our customers’ best interests in mind. Not to mention, our customer service team is committed to providing you excellent support every step of the way. Ask us your questions. We’re happy to guide you through the process and help simplify your solar solutions. 


Solar = Savings, Solar+Energy storage = Energy INDEPENDENCE

Solar will save you money in the long and short term. From tax incentives to low utility bills, becoming energy independent going solar is the smart move for your money. Being able to take all the energy you need on the road with you makes it a convenient way to save. Not to mention, going with solar panels from Solar4America is even smarter with our long-lasting solar panels and installation experts. 


How to Get Started

You can get started on your new green energy mission with just four easy steps:

  1. Free Consultation - Our solar experts are always happy to meet with you for a free, no-obligation consultation. Ask all your burning questions about incorporating solar power for your home, RV, boat, business, or more.

  2. System Design - After your consultation, our team will help design a solar system that works best for what you need. We’ll outline everything you’ll need to be self-sufficient with your solar system.

  3. Installation - If your solar needs require installation, you’re in luck! We’re experts at the install. No need to find a secondary company to get your panels set up. We’ll take care of it for you so you don’t need to worry about a thing. 

  4. Final Inspection and Power Up - After the installation, our team will work with local building authorities and utility companies as needed to get you powered up. Get ready to hit the ground running and watch the savings roll in.

Have more questions? Reach out to our team.