The Smart Home Energy Evolution

Be part of our fasting growing franchise program! We are offering an exciting franchise program to those who want to join the #1 Brand in roofing and solar Installation industry in America. With over 1 Million solar systems, energy storage and roofs installed, we're thriving to leap into the future.

The market for solar power and energy storage is estimated to reach $25 Billion by 2027. The fast-developing technologies, ever-evolving products and massive supply chain management could pose significant challenges to small business owners. Be part of our total solutions under the Solar4America Brand, the #1 Brand in America!

What We Offer

  • Multiple Finance Partners
  • 25yr Installation Warranty
  • Dealer/Hybrid Franchise Model Available
  • Volume Bonuses
  • Sales Support
  • Incentives: Trips/Swag/Entertainment Tickets
  • Payroll Offered Upon Request

Convenience for your Business

Our franchisees will enjoy the best product suite in the industry under the most recognized brand, nationwide marketing campaigns, very competitive prices and strong customer support to stay ahead of the competition and win more business.


Benefits of Joining Solar4America

  • NO.1 Brand in the industry
  • National Marketing Campaigns
  • Wholesale Pricing
  • Access To Financing Programs
  • State of The Art Technologies And Products

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